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And it is emotional or in touch with your emotions is a weakness; it reduces your capability to be a “pillar of strength”, so clamp down on that shit.

In reality, however, that inability to show or process emotion causes intense damage to men.

The desire to improve yourself and achieve more is, rightfully, lauded as a being damaging.

Dominance, violence, unchecked sexual aggression, self-reliance to the point of absurdity and the devaluation of anything seen as being “feminine” are all points where masculinity goes from being positive to toxic.

The toxicity doesn’t come from being male or masculine.

It doesn’t describe all or even most masculine-coded behaviors or ideals.

It’s the mandating of the limited scope of what men are to be, if they’re to be considered “real men”.

Manhood, in this ideal, isn’t inherent but performative. If you don’t perform these specific actions, or model these behaviors, you’re not a “real” man.

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“Toxic masculinity” is a term from social sciences that describes norms of accepted behaviors among men that are portrayed as good and natural but are, in reality, physically, socially and psychologically damaging.But his article demonstrates that there can really be only one response: The irony, of course, in that trying to prove that toxic masculinity doesn’t exist, Tapson provides .