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30-Aug-2017 03:12

Callous, yes, but most of us are not above a certain amount of low-down scheming when it comes to sex.

They could spend hours exploring their own most complex feelings and their partner's deepest fears and joys - and watch him quake under the onslaught.They will bemoan the fact that 40 years after Cosmopolitan explained we were supposed to have orgasms, too, women are still swapping sex for household chores and lying back for the sake of a quiet life.The truth is that we are all victims of our biology - the human race can prosper without women's orgasms, or even any enjoyment of sex, so we have to find other reasons to make love.Being given gifts in return for sexual favours isn't necessarily the hardnosed horse-trading it appears, given that plenty of the women surveyed also admitted to having sex 'so that men will like them'.

Often, women who grew up fatherless or who have had chequered relationships with men find they have no blueprint for relating to men any way other than sexually.

Any woman past the age of 16 knows what idealistic nonsense this is - and finally, there's research to prove it.

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